2017 US Flags USPS Stamps




πŸ’Œ 2017 US Flags USPS Stamps πŸ’Œ

– πŸ’° The current 2023 First-Class rate is 60 cents. Always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate.

– πŸ†• All brand new, never used.

– πŸŽ‰ These stamps are an excellent choice for various occasions, such as wedding invitations, holiday mailings, birthday party invitations, thanksgiving cards, and more.

– πŸ“ Putting your thoughts on paper is a unique and emotional experience that differs from typing them out on a mobile phone. It allows for a deeper expression of emotions that will touch the heart of your recipient. Imagine reading those words with your loved ones when you’re older, reminiscing about the time when you wrote them together. Don’t hesitate to create these cherished memories, start writing now!

– ✍️ Don’t miss out on these beautiful 2017 US Flags USPS Forever Stamps, perfect for adding a personal touch to your mailings. With their timeless design, they’re an excellent choice for any occasion. Start creating unforgettable memories today by putting your heartfelt words on paper with these stamps.